Story Time: Fort 64


Today I’m going to enlighten you with this lovely story I wrote back in the 8th grade. It’s a short science fiction.  Crazily enough, this was a school assignment.  Next week I will go into detail as to why I decided to post this. Until than, enjoy the story. (>^_^)>

I’m startled from sleep by the blaring of a siren. I sit-up quickly, thinking that we might be under attack. I end up smacking my head on the bottom of the bunk above me.

“Nice one”, says a voice off to my right. I look over in that direction, and whom do I see? Finn Hex, with his dirty blond hair and electric blue eyes, is smiling down at me with that cocky grin of his. “Raven,” he says to me. “I think that you now can be called the champion of hitting your head against inanimate objects. This is the fourth time this week.”

“Real funny,” I reply, scowling at him. The action only makes his grin bigger.

Remembering the siren I ask. “What’s up with the siren, is there something wrong?”

“No,” he replies. “The only thing wrong is that you’re going to be late for the Run, AGAIN! That siren you just heard was the assembly alarm for today’s teams. Remember?” My only response to this is a blank stare. “I came to get you that’s why I’m here,” he prompts slowly. I look at him stupidly for a few more seconds. Then my still half asleep brain makes sense of his words.

“Damn it!” I mutter to myself as I jump out of bed. “Okay. Give me five minutes to get ready,” I tell him. “In the mean time, can you get out!” He shrugs and leaves the room smiling. I make a beeline for my very small restroom to freshen up. I splash cold water onto my face to make myself more alert. I dry my face with an old dingy towel. After that I study myself in the mirror. The reflection who stares back at me has dark brown skin, curly black hair, cut close to her head with bangs that come down to the shoulders, dyed red, and a pair of crystal blue eyes. This is me, Raven Shohona. I’m twenty-six years old and I live in Fort 64.



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