Slavery in Our Time


For as long as people have had power over other’s they have exerted it in many forms—one of them being slavery. From ancient times in Greece and Rome, prisoners of war were made slaves, to do the work no one wanted to do, or to die for entertainment in the arenas. Forced to fight animal and man


Fast forward some centuries and you have explorers going to Africa, and taking the people that lived there away to “enlighten the poor savages.”  Fast forwards even more and you come upon a part of American history that she does not pride. The time of segregation and slavery widespread throughout the south. How the white man thought he could just use another human being based on his color. In those times, the slaves were forced at he best, to be housed slaves in the city where they were treated pretty well. Still as property but they were usually fed enough. At worst, they were forced to do back braking labor for hours on end in the fields with little to eat.NorthwestTerritory2-bet.com_.jpg

Now in our day and age, we think that the in human acts of the past have stayed in that past. They haven’t though. Today in the use, we don’t have the slavery of old…not in a legal sense at any rate. Today, thousands upon thousands of people are sold in a nasty game of human trafficking. It happens in thought the world. All the major countries have suffer from it.

Unlike the days of old, it’s no longer socially expectable to own a slave(s) but that hasn’t stopped people from performing the art of enslavement. Now in our modern age, a slave is used for crooked business not willing to pay a normal worker. Now, they enslave entire families to preform back breaking labor.

Things that sound so simple and normal to us that we hardly give it a thought. Construction, brick making, mining, making silks, chocolate, fishing, textiles; all things that people are forced to do every day of their lives for no play. Entire generations of families forced to perform this work day after day.


Most of the time, the unfortunate people that fall into this system are the ones trying to make a better future of their families. They leave their home countries, everything they new, in hope that they’ll find better work somewhere else. The people they pay to get them there illegal usually lie to them. Taking them places were they are forced to work for nothing.

Imagine that, day in and day out being forced to work, having told your family that you left them to make them more money. Now you make nothing, trapped in a strange and scary land where you now nothing. Where your unable to ask for help and even if you could, you might not even be able to speak the langue. Or even worst, you come from a life were, slavery is the only thing you’ve ever known. Can you imagine what it would be like not even knowing you had right



This all I have to say and I hope my words spread some awareness.




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