Slavery in Our Time


For as long as people have had power over other’s they have exerted it in many forms—one of them being slavery. From ancient times in Greece and Rome, prisoners of war were made slaves, to do the work no one wanted to do, or to die for entertainment in the arenas. Forced to fight animal and man


Fast forward some centuries and you have explorers going to Africa, and taking the people that lived there away to “enlighten the poor savages.”  Fast forwards even more and you come upon a part of American history that she does not pride. The time of segregation and slavery widespread throughout the south. How the white man thought he could just use another human being based on his color. In those times, the slaves were forced at he best, to be housed slaves in the city where they were treated pretty well. Still as property but they were usually fed enough. At worst, they were forced to do back braking labor for hours on end in the fields with little to eat.NorthwestTerritory2-bet.com_.jpg

Now in our day and age, we think that the in human acts of the past have stayed in that past. They haven’t though. Today in the use, we don’t have the slavery of old…not in a legal sense at any rate. Today, thousands upon thousands of people are sold in a nasty game of human trafficking. It happens in thought the world. All the major countries have suffer from it.

Unlike the days of old, it’s no longer socially expectable to own a slave(s) but that hasn’t stopped people from performing the art of enslavement. Now in our modern age, a slave is used for crooked business not willing to pay a normal worker. Now, they enslave entire families to preform back breaking labor.

Things that sound so simple and normal to us that we hardly give it a thought. Construction, brick making, mining, making silks, chocolate, fishing, textiles; all things that people are forced to do every day of their lives for no play. Entire generations of families forced to perform this work day after day.


Most of the time, the unfortunate people that fall into this system are the ones trying to make a better future of their families. They leave their home countries, everything they new, in hope that they’ll find better work somewhere else. The people they pay to get them there illegal usually lie to them. Taking them places were they are forced to work for nothing.

Imagine that, day in and day out being forced to work, having told your family that you left them to make them more money. Now you make nothing, trapped in a strange and scary land where you now nothing. Where your unable to ask for help and even if you could, you might not even be able to speak the langue. Or even worst, you come from a life were, slavery is the only thing you’ve ever known. Can you imagine what it would be like not even knowing you had right



This all I have to say and I hope my words spread some awareness.




I would like to tell you something

So, as I just stated in the title, I’d like to tell my followers something. I moved! I’m no longer going to be using this site really. I’ve made a new one and it’s much more orientated to creative writing. I’m thinking about reposing my stuff here on this site to the new one. So if anyone liked what I have her, I suggest checking out my other site and see if you like anything there. Its called Writer’s Block. Support would be great guys!

Hello Everybody!

Well I as I just said above, hello everybody. It’s been server so months since I’ve looked at this blog (not that anyone noticed) but now I’m back. This time I hope that I’m able to go some new heights with this blog. Take it in a bette direction to do some better things

Her on my blog I’d like to keep up my little trend of doing artsy little tips and tricks. It’s good to keep your mind creative and thinking of new little projects to keep it occupied. Well I want to help you do that if for some reason you can’t do it in your own. Don’t feel insulted by that, after all, you wouldn’t have clicked your way to my site if you didn’t need a pit of help. So just spit it out and admit you need help and I’ll provide as a happy tiny bee that works it’s life away to make you people happy. …Well you know, I’ll at least try.

I did post a few thing up here last year and a few of them people didn’t think were too bad so maybe you won’t either. Well that’s all I have to say to you for today. I’m being a bit stupid right now and writing this at four in the morning because, you know, reasons. So I hope you people start seeing things on this blog that are helpful and somewhat cool perhaps. Okay being cool is stretching it but at least helpful.

Okay kids, let’s get creative!


Pieces of My Childhood

I Remember at one point I ranted about how I felt people just grew up and forgot about how it was being a kid. This post here does a great job at hanging onto the childhood and remembering it.

Just Go With the Flow❀~

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Tiny Mighty Mouse and Dragon

Squeak squeak, says the mouse. Roar roar, goes the dragon.

This mouse is a trickster, always using the great dragon.

The dragon is so loving with all her kind gifts but the little mouse takes them without ever thanking.

 Today my day feels sad, unable to do what it had intended.

I promised her I would finish, just adding to my string of lies.

Every turn I seem to mess it up. Every step I seem to get berated for my wrongs.

Life seems so unkind to me. But I am the one unkind to it.

I’m not here to cry or complain. It’s all my fault.

“Life is a matter of choices. Live it well and it will never go wrong”

I’ve lived several of my choices wrong. Now I can’t have a conversation with her.

It always turns into a berating, a full on shouting match.

The dragon roars her fury while the mouse mocks and squeaks, taking off with her gold to buy herself some cheese.

I take my choices and throw them to the breeze.


Waist her gold on such useless treat, cheese sweets and more.

Care about important things, she says. Stop playing with such useless things such as cheese and sweets.

I want to care but how do I? How do you make yourself care?

This issues seem so far away but the dragon keeps on yelling and the mouse keeps in mocking.

eventually comes a day when the mouse come to her provider, the great and mighty dragon only to find her long gone.

The entrance to her cave sealed away behind hard stone.

No more gold for the mouse who thought herself so mighty. Her cheese and sweets she can no longer get. The dragon was her provider.

Without the dragon’s help, she finally sees she’s quite tiny in this giant world. Without her mighty dragon protector, she is quite alone.

I should have heed the her words, not play her like a fiddle.

Steal her gold, steal her trust to buy fruitless cheese and sweets.

Now I am all alone as the the mighty dragon weeps.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.45.33 PM

How not to do the marry sue

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the man of steal, it’s…A MARRY SUE!!!

It has come to my attention that there are some people that don’t know how to make a character properly. I have seen so many character/OC sheets that made me just walk away from my computer for a few moments and to clear my head or have just wanted to flip the desk and strangle the writer of such-meh… It’s impossible to hurt them, they never have troubles because thy can handle anything. They’re invincible! Great example, Superman! Please don’t hate but it’s true to some extent. So many different people have written Superman comics that the dude can fricken destroy a planet by clapping. At one point he became so over powered that not even his enemy the little green stone lost its effectiveness against him. Heck, the guy eventually accented to a god! Superman never has to face any true problems because he just does something so random that makes no sense that he saves the day.

I hobbyist writer and people have told me quite often how well spun my characters are in particular my newest one.A lot of people I done such a great job at making him a badass. How do you do some one has asked, well I’ll tell you.

Step 1: No OP (over powered)

You can still make your character cool and real tough without making them like some crazy powered boss man like superman. Good example of a badass.


Has absolutely no powers yet he still manages to kick everyone to the curb with his



Batman is the perfect example of a badass. knowing he’s not invincible causes anxiety and makes panic when our hero gets his ass kicked. But then makes all go “Yesssssssss!” When he comes back and kicked the bad guy into next week. No random BS superpowers included.

That brings me to my second point.

2. Invincibility SUCKS

Nothing sucks more if your character, or hero is invincible or near so. If it’s impossible for them to get hurt, nothings ever at risk and goes flat or just boring. It’s okay to get your badass character get beat up every know and then Or even all the time.Their failure the first time makes people all excited when the beat them the second time or maybe the fiftieth time. Just make them do it in a cool or funny or random way.

3. The Personality

They just need a good personality. This really goes for any kind of character. Any personality will do. All cute and shy, or my favorite, the really quiet dude that does really unexpected stuff. The one I would least recommend is a cocky kind of personality or smartass’. They can get tiresome or just plain annoying.

Just some tips. I Hope this Helps!!!!!!!!!! A bit.

Love + Passion = Heartbrake or Happiness?

The thing that most teenagers chase after through their high school years.

Yes, that perfect guy or gal to make us happy for ever after. People go so nuts over this. Oh the heartbreak! More often than not you hear people feel sorry for themselves because Bettie Lan is with that hot Jame Wit. Oh my life is over because I cant be with Him! Extreme angst face! It’s like Romeo an Juliet, we’re never meant to by together. Or even worse, Billy, how could you leave me for Jane…*Sob, sob* Them kids stay depressed forever because they get dumped or because they can’t have that one person they wanted.


The Media Web

This is the first time in my life that a teacher has required me to have a a social media account for school. I thought that was kind of odd. I always saw things like Twitter, Face Book, Instagram, even YouTube as…pointless. I see people freaking out about these websites. People get so obsessed with these things that their literally just tweeting #yolo. These websites and other’s like it have become so popular that people even make human versions of them.

Look, it’s Google Chrome. More

Blankedy Blank Blank!

I am a blank slate.

I have nothing in my head to think.

Every time I try, I find my mind’s well quite dry. More

The Time I Freared…. *shutter

Yes, it’s that time if year again.


A few weeks ago, someone posted a challenge of sorts. It was a single question. The time I feared (Insert your fear), in my case, that would be last Friday, when I went to Knott’s Scary Farm, and agreed to go with my friend, Corey, on Supreme Scream. For those of you that don’t know what Supreme Scream is, it’s this:

Yeah… More

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