So heres a little list of books that I’ve read this year and/or reading right know. Maybe you’ll be interested in them.


Great fantasy series. I’ve read all the books like five hundred times each. There’s two other book in the series that’s not included in the image above, The Lost Stories and The Royal Ranger. Still need to read the least one T~T

If you like creeps and more creeps this is a good book for that. There are thirteen books in the series, Revenge of the Witch is the first. Warning, not to be read at night.


This is a great book for all you Halo fans. It talks more about the inner workings of the Convent, how its alliance was first formed between the Prophets and Elites and how it eventually was torn apart from the inside out.


From the some guy that wrote the Last Apprentice series. Pretty much a continuation of the last series. It makes a connection to one of the books in the last series in, Slither. It pretty much presents the new threat to the main characters.


Time for a happy note. All the other books I was advocating all having people getting hurt and dying. Theres none of that in this book. Strictly a humorous book with vain cooky wizards, snappy fire demons and an old lady that well beat you with a magical stick.


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