Four Eyes? You’re not doing it right

May I raise a question. It’s a pretty simple one. It’s one that’s been bothering me for a while. And here it is. Why would you give a alien creature your making four eyes?


Here’s an image of an alien from the game Mass Effect. I love you Bio Ware but I have no idea how giving anything, four eyes like this would make any sense? …Maybe this isn’t a simple question. Here, let me nit pick this for you.
Humans have binocular vision, meaning we have two eye that are use together as a pear. This allows us humans to track one thing at a time and have pretty good depth perception and such. It looks something like this


Simple right? Okay so now someone could argue: well if you have four eyes, it could allow you to track two things at once. And yes, that is most likely true. But if that’s so, why hasn’t nature taken advantage of that? Out of the many many animals,  only one  creature has more then  two eyes, the arachnids.


That’s right! Spiders! (I hate spiders…-shutters-) But why do these little creeps have so many. Well—did you know that spider’s can’t turn their heads? (Except for jumping spider’s. But they’re just weird.) No I didn’t, you say. Well now you do. Notice where these spider’s eyes are? No? Let me show you a better picture.
tumblr_nvly47xadI1tv18aqo1_500.jpgNotice a trend? Most of these little eight eyed freaks have at least two pares of their eyes located on the side of their head. This leads me to the conclusion that the little spider needs those eyes of theirs to compensate for the inability to move it’s head and look  around and track, like most living things with eyes can. 2237688.png
This love picture proves my theory.

So there’s one good reason not to randomly slap on another set of eyes. If your alien or whatever creature your make, can move it’s head to pin point a sound and focus on it, then it probably doesn’t need another pair of forward facing eyes. It’s redundant.
That also brings my attention to another point. Let’s say  you argue that  your creature cant’t move it’s eyes instead. So to make up for that, it has extra eyes. Well here’s where I kill your idea with—



Yes really. Did you know that the owl’s eyes are so big for it’s head that it can’t move it’s eyes in their sockets. Yet it’s still a stone cold killer from above. Well, that’s because they have crazy big wacky ears to pin point any thing that sounds like dinner. You just can’t see that because their fluffy heads cover them.



Told you. So that’s another good reason why two eyes would work just fine on their own. Thank you very much.

But this little chat wouldn’t be much fun if I didn’t speculate a way for four eyes to work without them looking like a lazy ass job obsessive amount of body parts that are just there to look aesthetically pleasing.
Through our learnings from the wise owl and the creepy spider, we know that our creature would either

  1. Not be able to physically turn it’s head
  2. Lack one of the major five senses (hearing)

Yes, I said that. The owl proves that since it’s able to hear so well, it makes up for it’s inability to move it’s eyes. But if it were deft, our owl would be as good as dead.

So this guy here…


Bad. Bad. WRONG! NO!

He’s a great example of why four eyes just don’t make sense like this. If you played the Mass Effect games then you’ll know this guy here can move his head pretty well which goes against one of our logic points for having four eyes. He would have no need for eyes on the side of his head like a spider if he can turn his head. Then we have the issue with the ears. Why would this alien ever develop another set of eyes if it can here and physically turn it’s head to see what’s going on around it. I just doesn’t make logical sense. We humans get along fine without another set of eyes, most animals that can here and turn their heads do.
So with that out of my system, this is how I would go about making an creature that would  need that second pair.

So keeping our two major points in mind I go through the usual process of looking at some inspirational pictures to help me out and I’m given  this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.28.54 PM.png

Then this


Ta. Da.

This creature has one pair of forward facing eyes and another two on both sides of it’s head, giving it a very small blind spot. It can move it’s head but it lacks the ability to hear, so no ears. I also gave it some electromagnetic sensors on it’s body, like sharks,  to help compensate for it’s lack to hear. It also has a large organ on the back of it’s head like an extremely primitive of ear. A lot of invertebrates are actually deft and tend to have this ver primitive ear for other uses. It can pick up the most basic of sounds but can’t determine direction or distance well. It’s there more for helping the alien keeps it’s balance.
So there you have it. An alien that has four eyes for a good reason. I’m not saying you can’t slap on eyes wherever and however, this is just my opinion and how I would go about the situation. But seriously, when you make a creature, really think about how it’s going to be interacting with it’s environment.  Consider what it really would need to live and not only want you want it to look like. Or you can ignore my rambling and do what ever the hell you want. But I hope this makes you think a bit when you go about making your own little creature.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.19.24 PM.png



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