Hello Everybody!

Well I as I just said above, hello everybody. It’s been server so months since I’ve looked at this blog (not that anyone noticed) but now I’m back. This time I hope that I’m able to go some new heights with this blog. Take it in a bette direction to do some better things

Her on my blog I’d like to keep up my little trend of doing artsy little tips and tricks. It’s good to keep your mind creative and thinking of new little projects to keep it occupied. Well I want to help you do that if for some reason you can’t do it in your own. Don’t feel insulted by that, after all, you wouldn’t have clicked your way to my site if you didn’t need a pit of help. So just spit it out and admit you need help and I’ll provide as a happy tiny bee that works it’s life away to make you people happy. …Well you know, I’ll at least try.

I did post a few thing up here last year and a few of them people didn’t think were too bad so maybe you won’t either. Well that’s all I have to say to you for today. I’m being a bit stupid right now and writing this at four in the morning because, you know, reasons. So I hope you people start seeing things on this blog that are helpful and somewhat cool perhaps. Okay being cool is stretching it but at least helpful.

Okay kids, let’s get creative!



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