Tiny Mighty Mouse and Dragon

Squeak squeak, says the mouse. Roar roar, goes the dragon.

This mouse is a trickster, always using the great dragon.

The dragon is so loving with all her kind gifts but the little mouse takes them without ever thanking.

 Today my day feels sad, unable to do what it had intended.

I promised her I would finish, just adding to my string of lies.

Every turn I seem to mess it up. Every step I seem to get berated for my wrongs.

Life seems so unkind to me. But I am the one unkind to it.

I’m not here to cry or complain. It’s all my fault.

“Life is a matter of choices. Live it well and it will never go wrong”

I’ve lived several of my choices wrong. Now I can’t have a conversation with her.

It always turns into a berating, a full on shouting match.

The dragon roars her fury while the mouse mocks and squeaks, taking off with her gold to buy herself some cheese.

I take my choices and throw them to the breeze.


Waist her gold on such useless treat, cheese sweets and more.

Care about important things, she says. Stop playing with such useless things such as cheese and sweets.

I want to care but how do I? How do you make yourself care?

This issues seem so far away but the dragon keeps on yelling and the mouse keeps in mocking.

eventually comes a day when the mouse come to her provider, the great and mighty dragon only to find her long gone.

The entrance to her cave sealed away behind hard stone.

No more gold for the mouse who thought herself so mighty. Her cheese and sweets she can no longer get. The dragon was her provider.

Without the dragon’s help, she finally sees she’s quite tiny in this giant world. Without her mighty dragon protector, she is quite alone.

I should have heed the her words, not play her like a fiddle.

Steal her gold, steal her trust to buy fruitless cheese and sweets.

Now I am all alone as the the mighty dragon weeps.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.45.33 PM


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