7c802b5befc332b23bccd30e0c1bb566This is going to just sound like a jealous rant, but I’m telling you right know, it’t not.

This week, a friend of mine has been really excited for her Sweet 16, witch is on this Sunday. Good for her. She’s almost an adult. Then why doesn’t she start acting a bit more like one? She ever so kindly handed out an invitation to another one of my friends. Then she goes off on how she’s going to have a limo and their going to go to some fancy dandy arcade (that I’ve never even heard off) in front of me and another on of our friends that she didn’t invite. Are you starting to see something wrong here? She of course apologies to me and our other friend for not inviting use. I don’t have enough room, *insert other excuses* but if I did, I would totally invite you, blah blah blah. Okay, I get that she would probably want friends she’s known for longer and are closer to to be at her special day. Blabbing and chatting about how it with people she’s not going to invite though, well….

A day or so goes by and she’s still excited. Cool, be excited! It’s your 16th birthday! (It’s not that different from turning 15 but, I should know, but whatever. Be happy). I see her again in class with the same friend once more. She babbling about her birthday. It suddenly seems that two people can’t make it. who from the school’s GSA club should I invite to take their places?And that’s what I’m not cool with. It has nothing to due with, “Oh she’s picking some else over me!” or “That’s so unfair.” No no and, NO. That’s not it at all. It’t that she’s being so inconsiderate to her friends that she’s not inviting. By talking, and bragging about how great and excited she is for it with friends she didn’t invite. Is it just me or does that strike any of you as rude or a little…immature?

Well I’m not going to call her out on that. It’s silly to provoke a problem when there was hardly one. But that made me realize, just how immature some of my friends are. They don’t stop to consider what their saying or doing might be kind of rude to other people. The more I realized this, the more I saw how I alone I was when it come to the maturity scale with my friends.

So many of them don’t seem to know what their doing with themselves. Struggling with identifying their selves. Hopping around with gender titles or orientations. One of my friends is always comparing about school, blaming most of her issues on other things. Most of those issues are her own fault though. She’s late to school or doesn’t even go because her mom forgot to wake her up. And when I carpool with her, she’s so rude to her mom. I literally want to strangle her for it. You should never tell your mother to flat out shut up. Doing things, saying they are having issues, whoring for attention. I thought I got away from that in the grade schools. Silly little arguments, fights, or problems in general that would amount to nothing. Nope, I did’t get away from it. It just evolved to sit in different topics.

As a middle schooler I never enjoyed these kind of squabbles. Heck, I did’t understand them. Most times I was kept out of the loop. So there would be very angry people in the class and I didn’t know why. But when the information finally circulated to me, I would mull over what I just heard and think “That is really stupid.” In sixth grade, one of my the girls of my class got into a big fight on a three day field trip. They were taking sides and there were kids running back informing each side. I did take a side because everyone else did, but after about two hours, I left and sat in a tree, then latter started playing a game with some of the boys.

Now that I think about it, it’s fine for middle schoolers to blow thing out of proportion. You’d expect that kind of behavior from them. But I didn’t expect to see the issues exposed with different behaviors with a bunch of people that are only two to three years away from bring adults. Immaturity.  Why am I the mature object in this big messy sea of immaturity?  They complain about stupid things, do stupid things. Why am I the only one that looks at them and thinks, “God, just stop.”

I found one common thing for all them. They don’t have someone else that they need to watch out for. I’ve got a older brother. He’e 19 and he’s got ASD, or more commonly known as autism. He pretty much like a six year old. I’ve always had to watch out for him. Make him food, help him calm down when something stressful happens at home. I helped me grow up faster.

Remember how I mentioned the friend I wanted to strangle for being rude to her mom? Some people may call her out for that. I don’t. There’s no point in causing a issue. Her mom, never tells her to stop, which quite frankly, surprises me. My mom would is on me like a wolf if I let my attitude sip with her. Both of them complain and cray over all kinds of thing. I internally cry realizing I’m more mature then a woman in her 30’s. But what can you do? Some people will have issues and never say it’s their fault, never say that their self-conscious about themselves, never say that their wrong. Heck, they probably don’t even realizes it. It makes me sad. But when can you do but push on and just deal with what your given, in a mature fashion.   Maturity-quote


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