Story Time: Fort 64


Today I’m going to enlighten you with this lovely story I wrote back in the 8th grade. It’s a short science fiction.  Crazily enough, this was a school assignment.  Next week I will go into detail as to why I decided to post this. Until than, enjoy the story. (>^_^)>

I’m startled from sleep by the blaring of a siren. I sit-up quickly, thinking that we might be under attack. I end up smacking my head on the bottom of the bunk above me.

“Nice one”, says a voice off to my right. I look over in that direction, and whom do I see? Finn Hex, with his dirty blond hair and electric blue eyes, is smiling down at me with that cocky grin of his. “Raven,” he says to me. “I think that you now can be called the champion of hitting your head against inanimate objects. This is the fourth time this week.”

“Real funny,” I reply, scowling at him. The action only makes his grin bigger.

Remembering the siren I ask. “What’s up with the siren, is there something wrong?”

“No,” he replies. “The only thing wrong is that you’re going to be late for the Run, AGAIN! That siren you just heard was the assembly alarm for today’s teams. Remember?” My only response to this is a blank stare. “I came to get you that’s why I’m here,” he prompts slowly. I look at him stupidly for a few more seconds. Then my still half asleep brain makes sense of his words.

“Damn it!” I mutter to myself as I jump out of bed. “Okay. Give me five minutes to get ready,” I tell him. “In the mean time, can you get out!” He shrugs and leaves the room smiling. I make a beeline for my very small restroom to freshen up. I splash cold water onto my face to make myself more alert. I dry my face with an old dingy towel. After that I study myself in the mirror. The reflection who stares back at me has dark brown skin, curly black hair, cut close to her head with bangs that come down to the shoulders, dyed red, and a pair of crystal blue eyes. This is me, Raven Shohona. I’m twenty-six years old and I live in Fort 64.

Quickly I throw on a black long-sleeve shirt, gray cargo pants, and a pair of old hiking boots. I grab the last things that I’ll need today; my sweater, breathing mask, and my gun, as I start for the door. Once I’m outside my room I find Finn leaning on the wall next to my door.

“It took you seven minutes to get ready,” he says with fake annoyance.

“Oh shut-up!” I retort, and with that we race of to the Gates.

Getting to the Gates is kind of hard for me. I live on the other side of Fort from them. Fort 64 is about the size of your average high school, which wouldn’t be a problem if I could walk straight. The buildings are so close together with no apparent order that you end up with a maze of paths that double-back on each other or simply hit dead ends. I still get lost and I was born here.

Fort 64 was built in 2231. It’s been almost hundred and fifty years since then. The Fort was made for one reason and one reason only protection from extraterrestrial attacks. During the first terraforming pilgrimage into deep space, the pioneers had come into contact with aliens. As a precaution the President of the United States had fallout shelters made under every major city in America. Well they came in good use, but not for an alien attack. After hundred and fifty years of peace with the terraformed planets they nuked Earth for reasons still unknown.

The radiation from the nukes mutated and distorted the planet so badly that the people that had taken refuge in Fort 64 ended up having to stay there. That’s how life has been for the past fifty years or so, one thousand people surviving under the ruins of Los Angeles.

After some backtracking, Finn and I finally make it to the Gates and just in time too. Commander Jackson, a burly man in his forties is shouting out to day’s assignments to the teams. He sees us and walks over. Without taking his eye off of us he says in a rough voice.

“Sala, get over here! I found the rest of your team.” Sala, a well-built no-nonsense woman who gets the job done, thuds towards us. She’s also our captain.

“Glad you could make it,” says Sala. “I would like to introduce to you the newest member of our team. This is Brick.”

Brick was so quiet that I didn’t even notice him. I look in the direction that Sala points in and suddenly I lose the ability to speak. The man next to Sala is almost seven feet tall, black as a panther, and built like a tank. I’m still staring at him when I hear Finn say, “Hi, I’m Finn and this is Raven, our medic.

“Hi,” I manage to squeak. Brick’s only response is a nod.

“Is everyone ready?” Jackson asks us. We all nod. “Good. Sala will brief you on todays run on the way to the surface. Get ready.” After that he walks away.

“You heard the man. Masks on now,” orders Sala. We all put on our masks. Turning to the giant metal doors that protect Fort 64, we wait for them to open.


By the time we get to the surface we all know the situation. There’s a hospital about three miles away from our location. All we need to do is get there, stuff our bags with as much medicine as we can find, and return back to the Fort.

A brutally cold wind assaults us from all sides as we emerge from a manhole. For a moment we all stare at what use to be L.A.

All that’s left of this once great city is its skeleton. Hundreds of skyscrapers loom up above us striped of almost all their glass. Mounds of rubble made up of cars, metal, concrete, litter the streets. Covering all of this is a thick layer of poisonous ash that constantly falls from the sky. Sala gets us moving by telling us that if we stand around for to long something is going to notice us.

It takes two hours of navigating the city and avoiding the predators that hunt there to get to the hospital. Once inside we split into two groups. I pair with Finn. We go from room to room, quickly clearing them of their contents. Being the team medic I know what to take. Finn on the other hand has no idea. So he keeps asking me whether he should take something or not. I get tired of this after about three minutes and tell him to put any thing he sees into the bag.

As soon as are bag is full we make our way back to the lobby. When we get there we find Sala and Brick waiting for us.

“Did you fill your bag?” ask Sala. Finn replies by hefting our bag into sight for all to see. Sala gives us a hard look. For a moment I think she is going yell at us, but all she says is, “Lets go.”

We leave the hospital as swiftly as we came. We start to make our way back to the Fort. We’re about halfway back and I’m starting to think that we may make it back without any problems. Then it happens. Sala is poking her head out from behind a building. She checks the street to make sure its clear of any possible threats. Apparently seeing nothing she gestures us forward. Suddenly a huge form lunges at her, claws first. She barely has time to scream before the monster cuts off her scream by biting down on her head. Brick and Finn start to fire at the thing. In a moment it’s dead.

Cautiously we approach it. The creature is about the size of a lion and is down right ugly. I can see every fiber of its muscles with the skin wrapped around its body in bizarre ways. Not even a demented mother could love this hideously deformed face.

I look over at Finn. “What type of Hunter is this? I never seen this one before,” I ask.

“That’s because it’s not a Hunter. It’s a Stalker.”

“What’s a Stalker?”

“It’s a cat after fifty years of breeding in irradiated conditions. I haven’t seen one in some years.” I can see he has a weird look on his face. I look back at Brick. He pokes the Stalker with the tip of his gun experimentally. Suddenly Finn starts to shake me. “We need to go NOW!” He says urgently.

“Why, what’s wrong?”  As if to answer my question, I see the other three Stalkers surround us.

We immediately spring into action. As we come up and start to blaze out a hail-storm of bolts, the monsters charge us. I put at least two-dozen rounds into one of the things before it finally falls. I look up to see Finn roll out of the way of his stampeding monster. He ends up shooting it in the back of the head. He sees me and gives me a reassuring smile. I’m about to return the smile, when I see the fourth Stalker crash into him.

The force of the leap sends Finn crashing onto his back. The Stalker lands on his chest with a sickening CRACK!

“FINN!” I cry. I aim my gun at the things head and pull the trigger. Nothing happens. I’m out of ammo! I start to run for him. I already know that I’m going to be too late.

The Stocker is about to end Finn’s life the same way Sala’s ended. When out of nowhere the creature fly’s off it paws and slams to the floor on its side. Standing protectively over Finn is Brick. In his left hand he holds a wicked looking eight-inched knife. The Stocker regains it’s footing and bellows in anger. Brick bellows right on back. Then they charge each other.

The Stocker is met with a roundhouse kick to its ugly face. Stunned, it rears up onto its hind legs. Brick steps into its guard and stabs it in the chest puncturing its heart. The thing screams. It’s the only word that I can think of that comes close to the unearthly sound it makes. Brick pulls the knife free of the Stalker. It falls to the ground dead.

I stare at him, completely shocked and amazed by what I have just seen. Then I hear Finn moan. OH MY GOD, I forgot about him! He is lying on his back with his eyes shut in pain. I can tell by his short, labored breaths that at least one or more of his ribs are broken. I can also see blood starting to turn his shirt red. Wait, blood! Oh great, now we’re really going to die!

Fresh blood out here is like firing ten flairs at once and holding a big sign in the air that says, ‘PLEASE EAT ME NOW!!’ Within an hour this area will be crawling with Hunters, Stalkers, and god knows what else. We need a hiding place where I can examine Finn and soon.

“Finn can you walk?” I ask him.

“Ya, I think so,” he manages.

As it turns out, this was more easily said than done. After a few minutes he is back on his feet. He has to lean heavily on my shoulder, for support. “Come on, Brick,” I call over my shoulder. “We need to go.” As soon as Brick has fallen in behind us we start to make our way down the street.

We find a building that’s fairly in track. I try to open the door. It won’t budge. “Brick do you think that you could open the door.” He barely gives me time to get Finn and myself out of the way before he kicks it open. I’m about to step inside when Finn says, “Where are the bags?”

It takes me a moment to remember the bags full of the medical supplies. I look at Brick. I see that he has one of the bags on his back. Where’s the other one? Then I remember that its still on Sala’s back. “Take Finn inside. I’ll be right back,” I tell Brick. He nods, and as soon as he has Finn I run back down the street.

I find Sala lying face down in a pool of blood, with the bag still on her back. Trying to ignore the mutilated thing that use to be her head, I start to wrestle the bag off her body. Hurry up, I think. Hurry up! As soon as I free the bag I turn and run back to the building. Once I’m inside I look around for the others. There’s nobody in sight. I see stairs off to my right and quickly dash up them. I find my team on the second floor.

Brick is looking out the window with his gun ready. Finn is sitting on the floor, leaning on the far wall. “How do you feel?” He looks up at me and gasps, “It hurts to breath.”

“Well this should help.” I take out a syringe from my med pack and give him a shot of painkiller. He sighs in relief as the pain starts to dissipate. I lift up his shirt and start to look over his wounds.

There are eight puncture marks in the upper region of his chest from the Stalkers claws. They are deep but not lethal. I clean them and then stitch them. finished, I move on to his ribs. Moving my hand up and down his chest I feel for broken bones. There are four broken ribs. The only thing I can do for his ribs is to wrap some bandages around his chest tightly. Once I’m done with that I walk over to Brick who is still standing at the window.

I look out and see two Hunters fighting over Sala’s body. Their scared away by a Stalker, who picks up the body and walks away with it. I turn away from the window, sick, and look back at Finn. I’m wondering how we’re going to get back to the Fort with an injured person, when I get an idea.

I walk over to the bag I got from Sala and start to rummage around in it. Finally I come up with a small bottle. I pour it contents into a syringe from my medical pack. By the look on Finn’s face I can tell the painkiller is already wearing off. That makes my job easier. “I got you some more painkillers,” I tell him. I place the syringe into his arm and press down on the plunger. In less than five seconds the powerful sleeping drug knocks him out.

“Brick. Can you carry one of the bags and Finn?” I ask him. He nods then looks at me questioning. “I knocked him out because I thought we would travel faster if you cared him. But he would never let us do something like that because it would hurt his dignity,” I explain. Brick nods in understanding.

We leave the building and start to make our way back to the Fort. We try our best to avoid Hunters and Stalker a like. About an hour later we are only a block away from the manhole that we came out of earlier. “We’re almost there,” I tell Brick. No reply. I’m starting to think that Brick is a robot. He has been carrying two hundred pounds of Finn over his shoulders for the past hour and he hasn’t made so much as a comment. I’m about to make a comment on this when I see movement to my left. I turn to see what it is, and what I see makes my blood run cold.

About a quarter mile away moving parallel to use is a Stalker. In less than a minute I have spotted at least dozen of them. They have formed a loose curve around us. I get the feeling that in a minute or so the curve is going to become a circle, slowly growing smaller, ensuring our deaths. I can tell that Brick has noticed our unwanted friends too.

“I think that we should run!” I tell him and with that I sprint for the manhole. I can hear Brick right behind me as well as the Stalkers as they shriek. I get to the manhole, remove the its top and tell Brick to get in. A second later, he disappears with Finn. I stare down after them. I’m about to recover the manhole when a giant paw swipes the top out of my hand.

Losing my footing on the ladder, I fall backwards right into Brick and Finn and we all go crashing into the ground. The wind is driven from my chest but I don’t have time to gravel over it. We are up in a flash. With the still unconscious Finn over his shoulder, Brick and I run down the tunnel. I can hear the Stalker in the tunnels behind us. They’re getting close and closer. We are all going to die! I think. Then it hits me. We need a distraction to buy us time if any of us are to live.

I stop, turn on my heel and face the oncoming monsters. Then I hear Brick stop too. No, no, no, he is not supposed to stop. Without turning around I yell at him, “Keep going!” he doesn’t move. “If you stay with me we are all going to die, but if you go now with Finn. I can buy you some more time. You might be able to get to the Gates. So please go!”

“Thank you “, he says in a deep voice. Then he is gone. That is the first time I have ever heard him speak and probably the last.

I ready my gun and point it at the first the Stalker I see.

The dark tunnel becomes a world of shadows, monsters, and gunfire. Round after round I fire at them. One by one they fall, but more take their place. I don’t know how long this goes on for. It feels like forever. Suddenly one of the things slips past my guard. This is it, I think. Then for no good reason that I can think of, the monster explodes. I’m knocked off my feet and go flying onto my back. I shut my eyes, as my world of shadows becomes a world of explosions.

Everything becomes a blur. I’m vaguely aware of someone helping me up and soldiers with really big guns surround me. The next thing I know I am sitting in a chair in Commander Jackson’s office.

“Well?” says the Commander.

“Well what?” I ask.

“God girl, you really are in shock! I said that you are the new team leader.”

“What!” I say. The Commander sighs.

“Sala is dead. Your team needs a leader. I have made you that leader. Understand?”

“Yes”, I reply.”

Brick told me what you did today,” continues the Commander. “You held off those Stalkers for a good ten minutes. That gave us plenty of time to get to you. Speaking of Brick and knowing you, he and Finn got back fine. I think that Finn got out of surgery about fifteen minutes ago.” “That’s not possible if I just got back,” I say confused.

“You have been back for at least two hours”, the Commander replies.


“Go home and get some sleep Raven. I’ll see you tomorrow, and don’t you dare be late!”

I fall face first onto my bed as soon as I get home, and I’m asleep before I know it.


I’m startled from sleep by the blaring of a siren. Thinking that we might be under attack, I sit up quickly and end up smacking my head on the bottom of the bunk above me. ”Damn siren”, I curse. Then I fly out bed of bed and start to get ready for the new day in Fort 64


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