Steps to World Building: Making the people

Alrighty kids, today I’m going to give you a tip on how to world build. Okay for any of you out there that don’t know what that is, it’s when you create a fictional world either in the fantasy or sci-fi setting. Most fictional stories you read that has to do with aliens or magic are set in a fictional place and time. Heck it might be in a parallel dimension for all we know. As the author of your sorties, you are the creators of your world, you are god, so you can do whatever you want.

Making a good believable group of people is half of what makes a good story though.

With that in mind, lets get started. Today we’re going use alien’s for our example.

  For the people, by the people 

 In some cases people like to make the environment of their fantasy world first, then develop the creatures that call that world home. I personally think it’s easier to draw the inhabitants first, then develop the two together. So lets create an alien. 

image_by_e3tv-d8k7qr8monkey_alien_by_e3tv-d6vqpidHere I got my idea and doodled it out as a quick little sketch. I already had in mind that this race would be small, agile, and thin. And look like a monkey-dog thing. With this information in mind I can start with the environment.

Long fingers, arms, and legs. feet that look almost like hands. A long fixable looking tail…

Things most monkeys have to help them climb. To me, this creature would look most at home in an environment with lots of trees. So now I have a monkey like race that hangs out in the trees.

Think, apply, use or throw away any idea you get

Now I work off impulse all the time so the first thing that pops into my head when making something up, I’ll usually apply it somehow. I wanted these guys to be really light. Like I could pick it up by the tail and it would only feel like ten pounds. So how could that work? That’s when you hit the internet and look up a few things. I found that birds are pretty light due to the fact that they have hollow bones. So why not these guys? Apply little things like that to your races and keep adding!

Lets see, what else do we have to work with based on the appearance of these guys alone? They have big eyes. Okay, what do big eyes usually mean. Good eye sight. Usually when something has big eyes, it can see pretty darn well. Okay what would this little alien need good eye sight for? Not a lot a light? Well I did say earlier that this race lives in an environment filled with trees. Perhaps the the canopy is so thick, like in the Amazon rainforest, that hardly any light reaches the forest floor. That would be a good reason for having big eyes. To see better in low lighting.

See, by making the race and the world at around the same time, you can match them, the two can make more sense with each other. You don’t want to make a world that is dry and hot while your race is moist and looks aquatic. The two just don’t fit together! It’s like saying a camel lives in the arctic tundra. What? No. Does not make much sense.

Once you’ve worked out the basics of your own race you can start adding things like culture, behavior, government, social norms, ect. Remember, a lot of these things will be linked to your races environment, how they look, and how they interact with their world. Feel free to use race generators. I find them quite handy when it comes to finding a name for may aliens because I‘m to lazy to suck at making up names.  They give you go ideas on some basics traits or odd little things your race might do. Or they just make you laugh because they are just down right ridiculous.

Name: Bolugians

Home-world: Byzan IV

A race of telekinetic bovids with extendable limbs and poisonous spines on their heads. They express their emotions through the excretion of variously colored bodily fluids. They prefer not to leave their home-world and use holographic representations of themselves to explore the galaxy instead.

What’s stranger than a spoon-bending cow with extendable legs? A spoon-bending cow with extendable legs and a poisonous hair-do, of course. An encounter with a Bolugian would be made all the stranger when it starts sweating with glee and spews up a load of pink “pleased to meet you” juice. Still, at least it would only be holographic vomit.

These have to be the craziest, most random alien creatures it’s possible to invent. I’m not at all surprised that they don’t get out much; if I was one of these guys I wouldn’t want to leave the house either, and the thought of meeting potentially hostile species would fill me with… oh no, apprehension juice! That’s gonna stain.

The shark-like race. They have powerful nasal senses. Their limbs are not so much specific, but are used for multiple functions. They can consume almost anything material. They can take on the form of someone’s worst fears. They are a race of doctors. They are known to have terrible body odor. They lay eggs. Under stress, they undergo distinct personality changes. Their government is ethical in its own way. Most of their species ascended to a godlike existence – they are the descendants of those that did not.


“Paging Dr. Sharktopus…paging Dr. Sharktopus to the ER.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. You have cancer. I can smell it on you.”

“Doctor…why are you eating the patients leg?”

“Oh, hello Dr. Shark- OH MY GOD! NOT A CLOWN!!!”

*Dr. Sharktopus thinking to self* “God…this surgery is so stressful…I haven’t paid my cable bill…my little girls going out with that punk…” *Enters homicidal fury, and amputates the patients head.*

Yeah…somehow I can’t imagine them being good doctors.

Those were just some of my favorite responses I found on the generator sights.

image_by_e3tv-d8k7z1kMonkey alien says “have a nice day!”

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