Little art tip

Okay have you ever tried to draw something but no matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t get it right?



Were you trying to draw said something with just your imagination and imagination alone? Well if that’s the case that may be the problem. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using your original thoughts to create something but sometimes it’s good to use a reference.

I myself usually use some form of reference or a guide when I’m drawing an action pose, when I’m trying to figure out muscular related things, or when I’m trying to make it look realistic.

⇓Take this image here for example⇓

boredom_by_e3tv-d71ooy5 Drew this about year ago. I was have a little crisis with bat wings working with a human body. I write stories and I have a character with bat wings. It’s my pet peeve not knowing how things might work so here’s my attempt at making this work in my head.



How to make original sounding ideas




Wait no I… Dammit. Lost it.

Okay, how many times have you thought you had a great idea but then you lost it *Snapping sound* like that? Or worst… Someone already came up with that idea. Oh…really? They did? ……………..Shoot. Okay. Now what?

Well you know what? I’m here to tell you that taking someone elses idea isn’t always a bad thing.



Okay, obviously you can’t be like “Oh I like this, I’m going to use this whichever way I please. Thanks for the idea.”


NO, you can’t take someones whole idea and use it, but you can take pieces of it.

Let me explain in more detail. You see an idea you like a lot and you’d like to use it somehow but you don’t want to be a copycat. So instead of take the whole idea, you take a part of it and modify it with your own ideas. That’s how idea’s are usually made now-a-days. Pretty great, right?

Well here’s another trick. Even when you take an idea and modify it so it’s different, it may still be recognizable to the original idea. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just look at smart phones. They are all almost exactly the same with the exception of a few features. But if you want your idea to seem really original, it’s time we made a Frankinstein.

frankenstein friend

Yes my idea lives!!!!!!!

But really, “frainkseinning” is a good method for making original sounding ideas.

This pretty much how you do it. You take little parts of a lot of other ideas and you put them together in the order you like, then zap it with some brain power and it lives!!!!

I use this method a lot myself when I write or draw. It’s great and I’ve actually won a writing contest for a story I wrote, and guess what? I used the methods I just spoke of!

All you have to remember is the difference between stealing an idea and modifying one and making it your own.

You choose how this ride ends

Life to me seems it can be either depending on how you live it. Life can turn out pretty tragic if you choose to do the wrong things. Your life can be great, filled with privileges and goods, until you decide to start doing drugs. Your whole life can go down the drain with that. Texting can be another one. Driving in the car with friends or family and your phone rings, telling you you’ve gotten a text. You look down for one second and the next thing you know, every one in the car is injured or dead because of you. But life only stays a tragedy if you let it. If you are wiling to pick yourself back up and repent for the things you have done, you can turn your life around into a comedy.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. This is only as true as you let it be. If someone says a curl thing to you, you have the power to determine if it will crush you or if it will make you stronger, by simply laughing it off. Life is a roller coaster; it has its ups and downs, just like a comedy. It really depends if you let yourself jump off at the top of the ride that makes it a tragedy.

You are the ones the choose how the situation will go

There are so many people in the world have have so little or have had something taken from them, yet they are living life happily. The disabled still find ways to peruse their passions and victims of crimes or abuse find the faith to keep going with life. Some times though I wonder if life is just a tragedy for only some. There are people in this world that have never done a bad thing in their life and yet there are the ones that end up suffering, there are also bad people that keep living high of the pain they cause others. The world is crazy and life is a mystery, it all really depends on how you live it. Will you let be a tragedy, or a comedy?



Stand high or fall low. It’s up to you and only you in the end.

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