How not to do the marry sue

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the man of steal, it’s…A MARRY SUE!!!

It has come to my attention that there are some people that don’t know how to make a character properly. I have seen so many character/OC sheets that made me just walk away from my computer for a few moments and to clear my head or have just wanted to flip the desk and strangle the writer of such-meh… It’s impossible to hurt them, they never have troubles because thy can handle anything. They’re invincible! Great example, Superman! Please don’t hate but it’s true to some extent. So many different people have written Superman comics that the dude can fricken destroy a planet by clapping. At one point he became so over powered that not even his enemy the little green stone lost its effectiveness against him. Heck, the guy eventually accented to a god! Superman never has to face any true problems because he just does something so random that makes no sense that he saves the day.

I hobbyist writer and people have told me quite often how well spun my characters are in particular my newest one.A lot of people I done such a great job at making him a badass. How do you do some one has asked, well I’ll tell you.

Step 1: No OP (over powered)

You can still make your character cool and real tough without making them like some crazy powered boss man like superman. Good example of a badass.


Has absolutely no powers yet he still manages to kick everyone to the curb with his



Batman is the perfect example of a badass. knowing he’s not invincible causes anxiety and makes panic when our hero gets his ass kicked. But then makes all go “Yesssssssss!” When he comes back and kicked the bad guy into next week. No random BS superpowers included.

That brings me to my second point.

2. Invincibility SUCKS

Nothing sucks more if your character, or hero is invincible or near so. If it’s impossible for them to get hurt, nothings ever at risk and goes flat or just boring. It’s okay to get your badass character get beat up every know and then Or even all the time.Their failure the first time makes people all excited when the beat them the second time or maybe the fiftieth time. Just make them do it in a cool or funny or random way.

3. The Personality

They just need a good personality. This really goes for any kind of character. Any personality will do. All cute and shy, or my favorite, the really quiet dude that does really unexpected stuff. The one I would least recommend is a cocky kind of personality or smartass’. They can get tiresome or just plain annoying.

Just some tips. I Hope this Helps!!!!!!!!!! A bit.


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