Love + Passion = Heartbrake or Happiness?

The thing that most teenagers chase after through their high school years.

Yes, that perfect guy or gal to make us happy for ever after. People go so nuts over this. Oh the heartbreak! More often than not you hear people feel sorry for themselves because Bettie Lan is with that hot Jame Wit. Oh my life is over because I cant be with Him! Extreme angst face! It’s like Romeo an Juliet, we’re never meant to by together. Or even worse, Billy, how could you leave me for Jane…*Sob, sob* Them kids stay depressed forever because they get dumped or because they can’t have that one person they wanted.



The Media Web

This is the first time in my life that a teacher has required me to have a a social media account for school. I thought that was kind of odd. I always saw things like Twitter, Face Book, Instagram, even YouTube as…pointless. I see people freaking out about these websites. People get so obsessed with these things that their literally just tweeting #yolo. These websites and other’s like it have become so popular that people even make human versions of them.

Look, it’s Google Chrome. More

Blankedy Blank Blank!

I am a blank slate.

I have nothing in my head to think.

Every time I try, I find my mind’s well quite dry. More

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