The Time I Freared…. *shutter

Yes, it’s that time if year again.


A few weeks ago, someone posted a challenge of sorts. It was a single question. The time I feared (Insert your fear), in my case, that would be last Friday, when I went to Knott’s Scary Farm, and agreed to go with my friend, Corey, on Supreme Scream. For those of you that don’t know what Supreme Scream is, it’s this:

Yeah… More


Let’s talk Spooks

In the sprite of Halloween I’ve been reading this book. It fallows a boy named Thomas J. Ward. He is the seventh son of a seventh son so he has natural abilities when it comes to dealing with creatures of the dark, And where he lives, the County, is filled with witches boggarts, malevolent sprites and other creatures and allies of the Dark.

It’s his job to deal with these creatures that threaten the well being of the common folk. So far in the last nine books hes done a pretty good job with the help of his master, John Gregory.

In the tenth book though, the one I’m reading right now is…it gave me a panic attack. There are some nasty Romanian demons running around a border town of the County and they have a literal taste for human blood. Meh…at any rate they do a few things I didt’y approve of. But if your in the mood for some creepy and maybe slightly disturbing fun, then I recommend the first book!

No these are not two different books, they are both the first one. They just have different title names. I know, confusing, right? Makes me want to smack the author and/or book publishers for such a random as- very confused.

Essential Question Project

This is my answer to the three important questions. It’s a platonic solid. I just answered my own questions but i wanted to write them down on something more interesting than paper. Here they are.

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The top ones are the questions and the ones directly below are the answers

Comical Sense

Lately in my English class, my teacher has been reading to his students, children books. Mind you this a High School Honers class and he has thirty kids sitting on the ground listing to him read the reason why grownups eat vegetables. The official reason: Vegetables are healthy for you.                                       The real reason: ….. To keep the vegetables from eating us! More

Dat Sameness

Today people seem to think that we all must fit in to some certain criteria. We all  must act the same, we all must meet the social norms of society.           Haha no. I’m sorry but we live in a very imperfect world.  More

where did our childhood go?

Where did it go?

As kids we use to play imaginary games about anything we wanted. We had fantasies about what we were and what we could be. Over time though, that spark of fantasy seems to vanish.

This thought came to me after I’d watched a video about a nine-year-old boy named Caine. He made an entire arcade, that worked, out of cardboard and tape! This kid had a dream that he would run a arcade and he made it a reality. It was all based off a simple fantasy though.

This got me thinking and wondering….

Why, as we get older, do we abandon our fantasies? Why is it weird or off putting for a older person to wanna play as something their not. What happened to the make believe games of being a animal or a superhero or a fairy princess, I don’t know. I actually found it sad when I realized that My friends and I were playing fantasy games less and less. What happened. Why couldn’t we play our old games anymore.

Better yet….what happened to the character that we created during these games?

Think about it. When we play games as children, we make a character, something or someone that allows us to do anything we can imagine.  I KNOW for a fact that most kids do this. “I’m a tiger, I can do…. (insert whatever).” 

What happened here? Where did that enthusiasm go! The enthusiasm that let us believe that we cold accomplish anything. I feel If people as they grew older held onto that we wouldn’t be so crazed with doing stuff in such meticulous ways.

Sometimes I think grownups and teenagers should try acting like a kid when comes to having a bit of fun.

If you’ve never seen Caine’s Arcade, here it is:

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